TGS 2020-2021

February 23, 2021

Dear Tonica Grade School Families:

This message is informing parents that starting on March 1, 2021 we will be able to extend our in-person school day until 1:30 p.m. 

Since the start of the school year we have integrated more technology to allow a higher level of remote learner access into the in-person learning environment.  After winter break, we started to assess the possibility of extending the IPL day while continuing to provide RL time for students that either are fully remote or those that phase in and out of quarantine.  Given the unique set of circumstances for TGS we were able to develop a revised schedule of learning. The integration of technology will allow ‘synchronous learning’ of RL (Zoom/Google Meet) into the classroom with their IPL peers.  One educational component that staff reviewed was the time needed to still provide ‘asynchronous’ learning time for RL (instruction independent from the IPL time). We will continue to offer specialized assistance that is not always possible in a video feed into the classroom.

With this new schedule there will be an increased need for RLs to integrate into the IPL classroom for ‘synchronous’ learning in addition to maintaining the RL time after dismissal.  IPLs will also be invited into afternoon RL time for supports and assistance as well.  We will continue to assess our ability to provide the best instructional platform while balancing the continuing challenges from the pandemic.  The Illinois State Board of Education still requires schools to provide a remote learning option for students.  Each school in Illinois has the autonomy to develop their own pathway to IPL and RL instruction given their individual circumstances.   This is evident based upon the various models of school day in our area schools.

We thank all the families and students that have grown with us as we introduced new and different modes of instruction, picked-up materials and meals, added internet access to their household, procured devices or utilized school devices and have been flexible knowing the difficulties schools have had developing a learning model during this pandemic.

After spring break, we will again assess our ability to possibly make one more extension of the dismissal time through the end of the school year.


Mr. Charles Schneider, Superintendent






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