All incoming students require the following .pdf forms filled out to Register:


These fees can be paid on ONE check PER FAMILY:


  • $55.00 Snack/Milk Fee
  • $125.00 Book & Technology fee*


  • $125.00 Book Fee & Technology fee*

5th – Eighth Sports Fees (separate check for sports fees)

$35.00 Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and Track

$20.00 for Cheerleading

$200.00 Family Cap

All Sports fees are non-refundable after the season begins!

*If you are direct certified with State of Illinois for Free/Reduced lunches, these fees will be waived. All other request for fee waivers will be available at registration.

Grades 6-8 PE Clothes $22.00 per set or $11.00 per piece

Grades 7-8 Science Fair Fee $10.00

Grades 3-8 Assignment Notebook $ 5.00

School Yearbook $15.00

Breakfast/Lunch can be prepaid at time of registration. **SEPARATE CHECK PLEASE**

Student Breakfast: $1.55

Student Lunch: $2.75

Also, students will not be able to attend school until all necessary exam/records are received:


Kindergarten and/or any New Student 

Second Grade

Fifth Grade

  • No physical exam is required, unless a sports physical is needed.

Sixth Grade

  • Dental exam or waiver
  • Physical exam with all immunizations current
  • The State of Illinois now requires the Meningococcal vaccine for 6th and 12th grade, this booster plus the Tdap are mandatory for entrance into 6th grade.

Miscellaneous Forms:

  • Sports Physical (pdf)
  • School Lunch Program
    • 2016 2017 Lunch Application(pdf) (if you would like to apply- please fill out and mail or drop off to school BEFORE registration day, please! If you are direct certified, a letter was mailed to you in advance.)

**Proof Of Residency: Illinois statute requires public school students to be residents of the districts they attend. This law is stringently followed in the district, and we do not take students on a tuition basis from other districts. To enroll a child, permanent residency of the custodial parent or legal guardian, as well as the child, is absolutely required. All custodial parents and legal guardians are REQUIRED to provide TWO FORMS of evidence of CURRENT RESIDENCY within the boundaries of the school district. There are no exceptions to this very important requirement.

Eye exam state requirements

Dental exam state requirements

Immunization exemptions