Don’t forget to register for

Tonica Grade School 2020-2021 School Year

We highly encourage you to print the registration forms from the website and have them filled out along with ALL required documentation when you show up to registration. This will allow you to speed up the registration process as well as maintain social distancing during registration. Masks are required to enter Tonica Grade School and you must continue to wear them while in the school. Thank you for your cooperation.

K-8 Registration: August 3rd, 4th, 5th from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

August 6th  from Noon – 6 p.m.

Registration Location:

Tonica Grade School

535 N 1981st Rd. Tonica, IL 61370

If you have questions or are unable to register your child on any of the scheduled days and or times, please call the District Office at 815-442-3420 to schedule an appointment.

The following verification of residency in the District will be required to register at Tonica Grade School:

Returning families that completed last school year at Tonica Grade School and did not use the mortgage option the prior year:

  • ONE of these items: Mortgage papers, most recent tax bill and proof of payment, signed and dated lease/rental agreement with proof of most recent month’s payment, Military Housing Letter, District form that a landlord would complete in lieu of a lease, District form when living with a district resident

All Families:

  • Verification of Identity and Residence in the District: Illinois Driver’s license or State ID with the address location for attending Tonica Grade School

All Families (two of the following) that has the residence address location in the District:

  • Illinois Driver’s license or State ID, vehicle registration, voter registration, current Illinois hunting or fishing license, most recent utility bill or credit card bill, current pubic aid card, vehicle/homeowner/renter’s insurance policy and payment is current, mail received at the residence

Kindergarten and or 1st time moving to Illinois: Physical exam, Lead screening assessment, Eye exam, Dental exam,

Required Immunizations: 4 or more doses DTaP (booster by 4th birthday), 3 or more doses Polio (booster after 4th birthday), 2 doses MMR (first dose must be after 1st birthday), 2 doses of Varicella (first dose after 1st birthday).

Second Grade: Dental exam

Sixth Grade: Dental exam, Physical exam w/ immunizations current (Tdap Booster and Meningococcal vaccine)

 Any student participating in sports must have a physical each year.

All exams must be completed and received before entry into school on the 1st student day which is  August 17, 2020.

Students will not be able to attend school until registration forms are completed and all necessary exams/records are received

Please see links for registration forms below: 


Registration Form 2020-21

medical exams reqiured by grade 2020-2021





TGS Registration Health History

2020-2021 Supply-List


Parent Living with District Resident Form2020




Registration (K-8): $125.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Milk Fee (Kindergarten Only): $55.00 

Student Planner (3-8): $5.00 

Science Fair (7-8): $10.00

PE Clothes (6-8): $22.00 per set ($11.00 if purchased separately) 

Sports Polo: $10.00

Yearbook: $15.00


Baseball: $35.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Softball: $35.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Girls Basketball: $35.00 –WAIVED for 2020-2021

Boys Basketball: $35.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Volleyball: $35.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Track: $35.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Cheerleading: $20.00 – WAIVED for 2020-2021

Bowling: $35.00 – WAIVED FOR 2020-2021: Bowling Alley charges are NOT waived