Updated School Closing Information – Including Learning Activities

Tonica Families:

The staff of Tonica Grade School hope that each family is doing well during this very difficult time.  This message may be more lengthy than previous messages but will include information regarding an extension to the school closure, meal bags and learning activities. 

Based upon the Governor’s stay at home order through April 7th, which extends into our scheduled spring break, the planned return to school date will be Tuesday, April 14th, unless there is another closure extension.  The school office will be closed; however, messages will be checked at various times.

A second phase of meal bags for each Tonica Grade School student is planned for pick-up this week on Tuesday, March 24th and Wednesday, March 25th from 7:00 am to 10:00 am in the circle drive both days.  Each bag will contain five breakfasts and lunches and are provided at no charge for each TGS student while supplies last.

Staff worked extremely hard to provide a set of learning activities when the school closure first started and had plans to supplement the activities if the closure was extended; however, due to the Stay at Home provision, this may delay our efforts.  In preparation for any closure extension, Tonica Grade School is working in collaboration with the Illinois State Board of Education on ways to increase remote learning opportunities.  Please continue to utilize the PDF files on our website and the email address of each teacher or other resources you may find.  If you are able, consider scanning or taking pictures of student work to send to teachers for feedback.  If the work was done on a separate piece of paper, please have your child’s name on the page and include the page number of the PDF scan that correlates to the work. 

Remember, meal bag pick-up March 24th and 25th, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 am in the circle drive.

Mr. Charles Schneider, Superintendent

Learning Activites by grade


Elem Special Education Packet1

Art Packet1

SpeechLangServices Packet1

Kindergarten Packet1

1st Math Packet1

1st LangArts Packet1

2nd Grade Packet1

3rd Grade Packet1

4th Grade Packet1

5th Grade Packet1

MissArbet Packet1

6th Math Packet1

6th Reading

6th Science Packet1

6th SocialStudies Packet1

6th ELA Packet1

7th ELA Packet1

7th Science Packet1

7th Math Packet1

7th SocialStudies Packet1

8th SocialStudies Packet1

8th Science Packet1

8th Math Packet1

8th ELA Packet1

8th Algebra Packet1





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